Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laura's Super Fast Trip to So. Cal

Hello Everyone,
I made a super fast trip to So. Cal last weekend. I left right after Lilly's soccer game and jammed to the desert to see my sweet friend Mindy who just returned from the Peace Corp. (You can check out her blog in my blog listings if you'd like.) I got to see Mindy's Mom, Debbie and her sisters Emily and Jeanne, her niece Rachel and her cousin Jenica. We had a great time! Jeanne has an evil little dog named Lady that decided to attack my ankles. As they say "She is NO lady!"

After visiting Mindy and Fam I decide to call Nik. Here's how the coversation went...

Laura - "Nik, whatcha doing for lunch?"
Nik - "Where are you?"
Laura - "I'm in your neighborhood!"
Nik - "You're in Oceanside?!"
Laura - "No, I'm in Palm Desert."
Niki - "Ra, that isn't our neighborhood." (laughing hysterically by both of us)
Laura - "Anywhere on this side of the grapevine is your neighborhood!"
Nik - "Okay, where are you?"
Laura - "I don't know, at a Starbucks" (that narrows it down)
More laughter.... Too Fun!

So, off to Oceanside I go. I had a great time seeing Nik, Syd, Miles and Jim. Nik, Syd and I went to the best lunch ever and then Miles and I went to get a slurpee and he showed me where he surfed and played guitar for me and showed me his myspace page and we talked music and school. It was great! Maybe he'll marry Lilly someday. (Nik said to get in line. hahaha) Nik I am still getting her dowry together so we'll talk and sign papers later. hahaha! Syd was awesome and let me hug and kiss on her because I was missing Lilly. (Thanks Syd! Next time we'll go for slurpees!)

Nik toured me around her neighborhood and showed me all the work they have been doing on their home. (Jim is a stud!) Then we laughed hysterically for about an hour. I didn't want to leave! Can't wait to see you all again soon!

I can't believe I use to live here!
Mindy, Jeanne, Emily and Deb

Mindy and Rachel
Mindy trying to eat a banana and have her picture taken
It's not going well. hahaha

Awww. The perfect picture!

Mindy, Laura & Deb. They had me laughing so hard! My face is sooo red!

Laura and Mindy

The evil Lady dog. (Yes that is her stroller)

Mindy showing us some video of the pet monkey. Too Funny!

Emily and Rachel


Mindy brought back some coffee from Uganda. Yum!

Mindy and Jenica

Mindy and Laura - Saying goodbye for now...

Mindy and Rachel

Emily and Deb

Deb and Laura

How sisters say goodbye. hahaha

Deb and Rachel


This beauty is Sydney. Hi Syd!
Here are some pictures of the house.

Syd and Nik.

Miles - doing chores.
Syd, hanging out.
Nik and Laura

Syd and Laura - That was a great lunch!

Laura kissing Miles.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hi Everyone,
Meet Jakeb! Our friends Noelle and David welcomed Jakeb on July 5, 2008. He is very sweet and I cried all over him. Congrats Noelle & David! He's awesome!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Introducing...2 of my friends.

I'd like you to meet Michelle and Christine. Gotta love these girls. You'll never guess what we were talking about.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scott vs. Mt. Shasta

Scott has successfully summitted Mt. Shasta! After knee surgery in May 2007, on May 9, 2008 Scott had his way with the Mountain. He started his climb to the summit at 4am and reached the top at 8am. Not only that, but he did the entire climb down and out of Shasta and called me from the road at about 2pm. Here are some great pictures!